Thursday, 10 September 2009

Getting outside

Finally, I have two trips planned to practice everything I learnt on my ML training course with Stuart Johnston Mountaineering back in April. I just hope I haven't forgotten it by now!

One tip Stuart gave me to boost your efficiency when practicing is to go with another ML trainee. This way you can both check each other's navigation and test each other on those easily over looked skills like using a rope, river crossings, first aid and your knowledge of the mountain environment.

So my ML trainee friend Sara and I will hit Wales next month to nail our micro navigation on some hills we've never seen before.
Then in Nov I will meet two good friends that I made on Stuart's course, Ian from Mullach Mountaineering and outdoor instructor Sarah. They both live in Scotland so its a sleeper train journey away, but I can't wait because we had a riot on the course and I learnt a great deal from both of them as they have more outdoor experience than me. This is the best way to learn.

If you're looking for an ML trainee mate to hook up with for navigation practice it's worth the £25 to sign up to the MLTA Forum. Here you can arrange to meet people at the same level as you and get more log book days. You can also find a course, discuss legal issues related to outdoor instructing, buy and sell used kit and get help with navigation from other members.