Friday, 5 February 2010

First Aid Course

“Aaaaargh!” You hear the shout from above. Then the world goes silent. Your heart hammers at your rib cage and your mouth goes dry.

Someone is lying at the bottom of a crag, injured, broken, bleeding, you don’t know yet.

You’re already leaping over boulders and crashing through the bracken to investigate, but hang on a second. Do you know what to do?

With some basic first aid you could help save someone’s life in the mountains.

A two-day practical first aid course is a required is part of the Summer Mountain Leader Award syllabus, which I’m currently doing while working as a features writer and gear tester for Trail magazine.

So I’ve been looking into training courses to learn about everything ouch-worthy that you might encounter, from cuts and blisters to burns and broken bones.

I’ve booked a place with Peak Outdoor Training for a course in Edale.

You don’t need any previous first aid experience for the course and you come away with the knowledge to keep you confident for walking solo or in groups where you may be in remote locations and away from help for some time.

Follow the blog for first aid tips after I've done the course.

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